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Canan Hosseyni, Owner & main photographer.  Photo by: Tony Di Lorenzo

Canan Hosseyni, Owner & main photographer.  Photo by: Tony Di Lorenzo

Canan Studio is a team of photographers providing services for clients from around the world. Based in Toronto and Tehran, we provide photography services to couples who want to tell their story using unique and captivating photographs.

On your wedding day, every moment is a meaningful one. From the glow of morning light through the soft edges of your dress to the smear of icing and crumbs on your fingertips after your first taste of cake as a couple – every detail, every glance, every moment is captured by the skilled eye of a photographer who has a sixth sense when it comes to getting that shot.

What makes the perfect shot? It starts with the unique chemistry of a couple in love. There is always something that makes a couple tick and when I look through my lens I see the intimate moments – the graze of his fingertips on her shoulders, that knowing smile when she looks up at her man – and I capture these moments in beautiful photographs that document your day with charisma and style.

I am a storyteller that aims to document your day with an edgy mix of fashion photography and documentary journalism. Using natural light and the environment around you, I cultivate the mood and tone of each photograph while pinpointing the emotion that emanates from every moment.  Each photograph radiates with light and energy; the focus is you and your love.

Your wedding day is part of a story years in the making - I see what your loved ones see. In the bride, parents see a little girl with an impish smile; in the groom, they see a little boy whose eyes squint when he’s up to something mischievous. Your best friend sees the person she shared all her firsts with – first crush, first job, first apartment – and now the start of a whole new adventure. Guests see the flourish and movement of families coming together in the colour and joy that every wedding brings.

Most important of all, I see what the bride sees. I take that vision, combine it with my skills as a former fashion photographer with over seven years of experience photographing clients of all cultural backgrounds - each with their own unique and amazing histories - and I craft a story in pictures that is moving, meaningful, and truly memorable.