Yes! We do offer cinematography services to our couples. We especially love concept videos! We offer sessions to take place during the engagement session or in wedding attire before the wedding day. We like to work with each couple and customize a concept that is special and unique to them and their relationship.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for our wedding video packages.

The beautiful Sara and the handsome Nima. We shot this wedding concept video 3 weeks before their wedding in 2 different locations. The first is an open field in Richmond Hill, and the second location is Scarborough Bluffs. Sara chose the song for the video and Nima got to choose the vintage Chevrolet. I think both choices worked out well.

This couple is very special to me, and they hold a very special place in my heart. They were the first couple that gave me the honor of photographing their wedding day in Tehran. They were also the very first couple I provided video services for. Their concept film is a letter that Mahya wrote for Reza and vice versa. We recorded their voices separately so they didn't know what either had written. It was a surprise revealed to them on their wedding day. I will never forget the look in their eyes when they saw it for the first time. My apologies to all non-Persian speaking friends, as they wrote their letter to each other in Farsi.