Keslassy Family Session- High Park, Toronto

I've long had the pleasure of photographing one of my oldest and dearest clients, the Keslassy family. The husband and wife team, along with their two charming sons, are just about the most bright-eyed, joyful family you could hope to meet. For this Toronto family photo shoot, we went to High Park for a soothing summer setting among the park's many scenic spots.

I'll say this right now – the Keslassy children are one of the most photogenic youngsters I've ever had the opportunity to work with. They've inherited their father's eyes and their mother’s smile, these two are near inseparable. Laying on the grass in the middle of the park, they giggle as I encourage them to hug for the next shot. Their laughter is infectious, and soon I am distracted by the beaming smile and adorable bow-tie of the youngest. His elder brother watches him closely as he toddles through the park, amazed at every sight and sound.

Mr. and Mrs. Keslassy had to do quite a bit of rounding up during the shoot. I have to thank them for their patience and dedication to helping me coax the children into poses and getting them to smile for the camera. I didn't mind taking a little extra time, though. I love working with children, and I got some fantastic shots with these two. My favorite family photo by far is when Mr. and Mrs. Keslassy held the children in the air, swinging them up and down as fits of laughter erupted and high-pitched squeals of joy echoed through the park. There's a lot of joy in this family; it's what makes them so endearing.

After the High Park photo shoot, I thanked the Keslassy family once again for their time, as well as their company. With a growing family, I'm sure I'll be seeing them again for more family photos as time goes on. Being with them and photographing tender family moments is one of the reasons I love being a Toronto lifestyle photographer. There's a professional emotional investment with every client, but the Keslassy family makes it effortless. I wish them all the best as they raise their family and grow the love between them.