Mahya & Reza- Persian Wedding, Tehran

Hello Friends,

Boy-o-boy has it been a while since I have properly blogged. Life, as always is filled with surprises keeping me on my toes. Finally I have made time to revamp my site and return to blogging. To kick things off, here is the gorgeous Mahya and her adoring husband Reza. This couple has a special place in my heart. They are the first couple I had the honor of photographing their wedding in Tehran. As well, they are our studio's first video production. They had a special story to share as to their journey on the road to marriage which was the concept behind their wedding highlight video. Although it is in Persian, you are welcome to take a peek at their clip here.

That being said, we had 2 amazing days with these two. The first day at a garden to film for their highlight video, and the other on their actual wedding day. Hence, the 2 different looks. Can't get better than being able to capture a bride in 2 totally different looks in totally different atmospheres. We had a blast and I am excited to finally be able to share their story.